A full-service property management company (or simply property management company) is a type of real estate services provider that offers customer support, equipment monitoring, maintenance, inspections, security, accounting, and other various property management services in one location.

They have different offerings based on the size of their customer base. A small property management company might only have enough contract employees to manage one or two properties at a time. A large property management company with thousands of clients might hire contractors to handle more than a dozen properties at the same time.

A wider variety of customers means that property management companies need to be equipped with a larger variety of tools and resources to serve them all.

In this article, Seth Miller, President of full-service property management company Aegis Realty, will highlight the most important things you need to know about full-service property management companies to help you decide if they are right fit for your business.


What is a Full-Service Property Management Company?

A full-service property management company is a real estate services company that has access to a wide range of equipment, staff, and services to manage a wide range of properties. A full-service real estate management company, such as Seth Miller Aegis Realty, is not just a lot-management company. These companies also provide other services such as building maintenance, property inspection, management training, accounting, and other various property management services.


What Does a Full-Service Property Management Company Do?

A full-service property management company offers a combination of product offerings. They may have a wide range of contract employees who manage properties on a daily basis, or they might have expertise in a certain service area, such as management training or building maintenance.

These companies might also provide a variety of options for customization, such as hourly rates or rates for larger projects. Some property management companies, including Seth Miller’s Aegis Realty, also provide a concierge service for owners who want assistance with maintenance or purchases related to their properties.

Types of Full-Service Property Management Companies

Seth Miller, Aegis Realty’s President, shares that there are a few common types of full-service property management companies. The three major types are management companies, general contractors, and private investors.



Real estate is a highly versatile industry that can be challenging to manage on your own. Finding a full-service property management company has become more important as the number of real estate investment and management companies has grown.

The best full-service property management companies are the ones that have an expert team on board to help you manage your property. These companies can provide support in many different areas of the business, as well as provide training on a wide range of topics specific to managing properties. When choosing a full-service property management company, you’ll want to make sure the team has the right combination of expertise to provide quality service to a wide variety of clients.

Whether you are looking for a manager for a multi-unit apartment building, a single condominium unit or a single-family home, Seth Miller Aegis Realty has the expertise, resources, and connections to deliver timely and efficient service to you and your tenants.

Seth Miller Aegis Realty handles every aspect of a rental property, from marketing vacancy spaces and signing leases to collecting rent and calling for repairs. The mission of Seth Miller Aegis Realty is to provide efficient, high-quality property management services that enhance the client’s real estate assets’ profitability. So, do not hesitate, and contact this real estate manager on Linkedin today.

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